Every year, AVCP recognizes outstanding individuals from within our region with the AVCP President’s Award. The awards will be awarded at our annual AVCP Convention and the awarded will be forwarded for a chance to win an AFN Award. Please help AVCP tribal members get the recognition they deserve. If you think of anyone that meet the criteria’s listed below, complete the attached form and turn in by September 9, 2016. Quyana!


Selection Criteria for President’s Awards — The Awards Nominees Must Be Living

Education–This award recognizes an Alaska Native who has demonstrated strong commitment, competence and sensitivity in the education field, and whose accomplishments have improved educational opportunities for Alaska Natives. Individuals nominated for this award may be involved in traditional education, preschool, elementary, secondary, or postsecondary education, the nominee can be cultural educators, parent committee members, school board members, administrators, teacher aides, or other education-related professionals, who have been a positive role model for the Alaska Native community.

Health – Recognizes an Alaska Native who has demonstrated strong commitment, competence and sensitivity in the health fields, whose accomplishments have improved health care for Alaska Natives. Nominees may be involved in the areas of health advocacy, program administration, and professional care and in the health professions.

Hunter/Fisher – Recognizes an Alaska Native who exemplifies and preserves the spirit of successful subsistence hunting, trapping and sharing, and our way of life. Nominees must acknowledge and ensure that the next generations of providers will carry on the traditions and customs in harmony and peace to sustain their extended families.

Youth Leadership –Recognizes an Alaska Native young person of high school age or students in college, who demonstrate leadership qualities.

Small Business – Recognizes an Alaska Native business owner or manager who has demonstrated success in business as with a commitment to their community, which has improved economic opportunities for Alaska Natives.


2016 AVCP President’s Award Nomination Form


Instructions/requirements for submitting Nomination:

  2. Submit typed or printed Form ONLY (by email, mail or fax). Must provide full-color photograph of Nominee in: jpeg file type with 200 dpi by email to mhenry@avcp.org
  3. You may provide letters of support but is not necessary for submitting the nomination.
  4. All information will be used at AVCP’s discretion and will not be returned.
  5. All nominees submitted to AVCP may be considered for the annual AFN President’s Awards at the discretion of AVCP.