Elizabeth “Kaligtuq” Evon is a community health aide in Kwigillingok, Alaska, and is the daughter of Carrie “Elluuva’ar” of Kuigilnguk and Peter J. “Caq’aq” Daniel Sr. of Tuntutul’iaq.   Elizabeth received her Associates Degree at the local Kuskokwim Community College (KuC) in May 2014.  She subsists with her children and her husband during harvest time.

Elizabeth has taught her family members about home safety, helped a family member get out of a domestic violence, and cared for people who are sick.  She has made sacrifices being away from her family, traveling to villages for many years.  She loves to help her patients.

Small Business:

Yukon Marine Manufacturing is owned by the Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association in Emmonak, Alaska and opened its doors in 1999.  The company sells approximately 20-24 skiffs October through May and repairs boats for people in the surrounding villages in preparation for the salmon season.

The company employs 10 Yukon Delta residents and has built and sold 123 skiffs since the beginning of the program.


Michael Ulroan is originally from Chevak and his parents are David and Teresa Ulroan of Qissunamiut.  Michael works as the Regional Director for ANSEP Acceleration Academy, which is a component of the ANSEP longitudinal education model that provides students an opportunity to take college math and science courses.  Many ANSEP students are showing up to the University having completed all the math requirements for any science and engineering degree.

Michael is an ANSEP Alumni with a BS in Civil Engineering.

Now he is working to provide educational opportunities to students and he feels he has come full circle in helping students so that they don’t experience the same obstacles that he faced when he showed up to the University.  He often gives motivational speeches that focus on having a positive attitude, because your attitude is where any success or failure starts.


Abraham Kelly is from Pilot Station and his parents are Norman and Mary Kelly.  He is married to Adeline Kelly and they have 7 children.  Abraham currently works for the postal service and has worked there for over 30 years.

Abraham is the contact person and one of the drummers for the Pilot Station Native Dance Group and participates in many subsistence activities.  Abraham uses the cultural knowledge and teachings that have been passed down by the elders to help understand and improve his hunting and trapping skills.

Many hunters choose to go to Pilot Station to hunt with Abraham.  He welcomes everyone that comes to him and does his best to help them accomplish successful hunts.  Abraham shares much of his harvest with elders, relatives, and many other people in Pilot Station and across the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Youth Leadership:

Olivia Piyuuk Shields is the daughter of Samuel T. Shields, Jr., and Panigkaq Agatha John-Shields.  Piyuuk is fluent in the Yugtun language.  She is also a skin-sewing artist taught by her grandmother Anguyaluk Martina John.  She uses her talents and shares Yugtun indigenous knowledge when teaching classes.

Piyuuk is an advocate for the Yugtun language in a time our language is most vulnerable.  She is showing our youth the value of our language and culture and how it can coincide without being diminished.  Piyuuk is also helping to bring back the pride of speaking and knowing our language and culture.