AVCP President Myron Naneng, Sr., announced today the formal recognition by the State of Alaska of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Economic Development Council (YKEDC) as the Alaska Regional Development Organization (ARDOR) for the AVCP Region. Naneng stated that “the addition of the ARDOR into the AVCP Business Development Department will further strengthen the goal of achieving an AVCP Resource Center for the Region.”

Naneng also noted that the ARDOR designation is especially helpful to the AVCP Region – the poorest in the State. The ARDOR serves as a conduit to connect economic development and support services to the Region. The ARDOR Board is comprised of local residents that reflect the economic diversity and uniqueness of our Region.

Mr. Naneng reported that the YKEDC will be investigating the feasibility of utilizing local white spruce in the manufacturing of roof trusses in the Region. “We are thankful for the ARDOR feasibility funding being provided for this analysis which holds great promise for reducing our housing costs while also proving jobs to the Region.”