July 17, 2015

The FAA Certification of the AVCP Regional Aviation Maintenance School is complete. This multi-year process was completed July 16th with the presentation of the Air Agency Certificate at the AVCP Regional Aviation Maintenance School by the Deputy Director of the Federal Aviation Administration, Michael Zinkovich. With the issuance of this certificate, the school can now begin the next phase of advertising and recruitment. I want to thank the AVCP Executive Board, AVCP Administration and employees for working diligently and staying the course to complete this undertaking. We are only one of three aviation maintenance schools in the state of Alaska, the last one was certified 30 years ago. This school will allow people to become certified as a mechanic without having to travel out of the region. With Bethel being the second busiest airport in the state that serves our regions 56 villages, this school will bring a greatly needed workforce of mechanics to our region as well to the state of Alaska. The school will be recruiting up to 15 students who are dedicated to complete the 18 month course to become an Aviation Airframe and Power plant mechanic. In addition, the completion of the school housing will add a critical component to the students to complete their schooling. We are planning on opening the school in September! Look for our advertising in the newspaper and AVCP website. Again, thanks to everybody for their hard work that made this school happen.


Jeff Hoffman