Our Mission Is:

Developing and providing the technical expertise necessary for Native people in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region to protect their cultural and environmental patrimony.

Program Scope:

Archaeology and Historic Preservation-

The Director is a professional archaeologist who ensures that real estate transactions processed by the AVCP Department of Realty comply with the National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106. Compliance is required since federally-restricted Native allotments and townsite lots are under the protection of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Review usually includes field surveys to determine if historic sites eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places are located on the property. Work requires cooperation with the AVCP Department of Realty, the BIA Alaska Regional Archeologist and the Alaska State Historic Preservation Officer in Anchorage.

Environmental Compliance and Consultation-

The NEPA Coordinator is an environmental scientist who, often working with the archaeologist, reviews real estate transactions processed by the AVCP Department of Realty for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and also manages mitigation projects on Native allotments and townsite lots. The Coordinator reviews and comments on a variety of projects throughout the region that may have significant effects on the human environment. Work requires cooperation with Tribal environmental staff, the BIA Department of Environmental and Cultural Resource Management (DECRM), and the EPA.

ANCSA 14(h)(1) Historic and Cemetery Sites Program-

The Oral Historian and Oral Historian Assistant are Yup’ik language specialists who primarily work with archival materials and oral history recordings collected in the Y-K Delta region between 1975 and today as part of the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ ANCSA program. The AVCP Archaeologist works in collaboration with BIA Archeologists to document historic and cemetery sites that were applied for by Calista Corporation under ANCSA. The BIA’s research generated roughly 1300 taped recordings with Native elders, most in Yup’ik or Cup’ik, which have only been partially transcribed and translated into English. AVCP oral history staff has been working since 2000 to complete topical indexing and new transcriptions and translations of the entire collection to ultimately make this information more readily available to people in our region. Work requires cooperation with the BIA ANCSA Office, the Oral History Division and Archives at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Calista Corporation Land and Natural Resources Department

EPA IGAP Environmental Program-

The Environmental Planner is responsible for providing technical assistance to village-based EPA IGAP Coordinators and environmental staff. With funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, AVCP has committed to help tribes become successful in responding to local environmental priorities. The Environmental Planner travels to villages on request to work directly with tribal IGAP Coordinators, compiles and provides training material, and coordinates training and workshops for tribal staff. Because of the range of skills and specializations available in our department, we work together on “traditional ecological knowledge” (TEK) initiatives, community mapping projects, and the preparation of various media to distribute to the communities. In addition to our environmental and cultural resources staff, an AVCP Grant Specialist under funding from the EPA acts as a “Circuit Rider,” traveling to the villages and assisting tribal staff with grant compliance, bookkeeping, policies and procedures, and reporting requirements. Work requires cooperation with Tribal environmental staff and EPA project managers.

The Department of Cultural and Environmental Sciences can assist with a wide range of needs, from data processing and data management, research design and field reconnaissance, to providing some GIS services and technical information. Please contact the Director by phone or email if you need assistance or would like further information.


Contact Information

Steven R. Street, Director/Archaeologist
email: SStreet@avcp.org
Phone (907) 543-7355

Ben Balivet, NEPA Coordinator
email: BBalivet@avcp.org
Phone (907) 543-7363

Monica Shelden, Oral Historian
email: MShelden@avcp.org
Phone (907) 543-7353

Department Fax (907) 543-5732

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