Program Purpose

To assist in carrying-out the AVCP Mission Statement.

Department Goals

To promote the economic and social development of our Tribal members in order to reduce joblessness in accordance with the goals and values of the communities that we serve.

To support education, employment, training and economic development activities in order to more fully develop the academic, occupational and literacy skills to make such individuals more competitive in the workforce.

To assist our Tribal members to succeed in the workforce by encouraging self-sufficiency and helping to familiarize themselves with the world of work, and facilitating the creation of job opportunities and services related to those activities.

Program Information

The AVCP Education, Employment, Training & Child Care Department’s objective is to provide client services to eligible tribal members from or residing in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region, as an approved P.L. 102-477 program, following the grant requirements and guidelines outlined in our service delivery plan. Outreach is a key component to informing and educating our member tribes of the programs we have available, both for their tribal members and for any Native American living in the AVCP region, who is enrolled in a federally recognized tribe.

Anyone wanting to apply for services must submit a complete application and associated required documents. Some programs will require looking at the person’s income (individual or household), as they have income-eligibility requirements.

The EET & CC Department also maintains a regional Talent Bank, a file of individuals from within the region who have specific training, certification and/or education in specific fields. When a project comes to a village, we can look through the Bank and identify any individuals from that community who might be qualified and appropriate for hiring on to specific jobs. This is one way we can assist tribes to get as much local hire build in to projects that come their way.

Please contact the Bethel staff for specific questions or assistance.


Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Assistance Program:

Program Purpose

To increase the availability, affordability, and quality of child care. The AVCP Child Care assistance program allows parents to engage in educational and employment opportunities that would otherwise be lost without safe and secure child care services.

Program Description

The AVCP Child Care plan includes service to the 56 tribes in the AVCP region by working with the local tribal councils in order to address social and economic conditions of the region. Our goal is to provide more access to child care program dollars and to coordinate the delivery of services with State and Federal agencies to maximize available resources, in order to provide cost effective services to our families.

Parents have the option of choosing which child care service will best meet their needs, whether the child care occurs in the Child’s Home, the Providers Home, a Licensed Family Home or a Child Care Center.

In order to qualify for child care services, families must apply and be determined eligible. Depending on which care setting they choose, the provider may also be required to submit an application and be determined eligible.

Please contact staff with any specific questions. There are six village-based staff distributed throughout the AVCP region to help their clients in their assigned villages.

Note: The tribes for the communities of Bethel, Akiak, Akiachak, Kwethluk and Mountain Village operate their own individual child care assistance programs. Please contact them directly if you are from one of their communities.

Bethel Staff Contact Information:

 Main Department Phone: 1(907)543-7482 (intake)

Department Fax: 1(907) 543-4261

Evelyn Pensgard, EET&CC Director
Phone: 1(907) 543-7481

Beverly Turner, EET-477 Case Manager
Phone: 1(907) 543-7485

Steven Aluska, EET-477 Case Manager
Phone: 1(907) 543-7484

Pauline Palacios, Child Care Coordinator
Phone: 1(907) 543-7457

Fredrika Chaney, Child Care Specialist
Phone: 1(907) 543-7456

Village-based Child Care Staff:

Unit 1: Joann Hamilton (Emmonak)

Phone: 1(907)949-1925


Unit 7: Johnny Friend (Kwigillingok)

Phone: 1(907)588-8610


Unit 8: Esther Chimiugak (Toksook Bay)

Phone: 1(907)427-7047


Unit 10: Edith Carter (Eek)

Phone: 1(907)536-5050


Updated 11-14-14