Program Purpose

Social Services strives to improve the family base by providing services to meet the basic needs thorugh the following programs. The programs provide relief from the distress caused by unmet basic and social needs, they seek to empower the families towards self-sufficiency.

 Program Description

General Assistance:
The General Assistance Program is intended to meet certain specified unmet essential needs such as: Providing short term financial assistance by direct payment; provide burial assistance to families of the deceased to acquire funeral preparatory needs for low income or for recipients with no income at all.

Energy Assistance:
Helps Low Income families with purchase of cost fuel sales to head homes in which a portion of the award is applied to electricity. Percentage of the total LIHEAP grant is given to supplement the AVCP Home Inprovement Program.

Older Americans:
The Elder’s Program provides nutrition and supportive services to Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta elders who are 60 years of age and over. Services includes: Homemaker Services, Advocacy, Elder Abuse and Neglect, etc.

Advocacy AVCP Social Services is committed to finding resources to our people if we cannot serve them through one or our programs. One example is collecting and asking for donations for fire victims, inmates without proper clothing, help to acquire necessities, etc. We will not turn anyone away except in extenuating circumstances (alcohol/drugs).


Contact Information

Nicholas Hoover, Director
Phone: (907) 543-7471

Jeffrey Egoak, SS Program Support Specialist
Phone: (907) 543-7474

Samantha Michaels, EA Program Support Specialist
Phone: (907) 543-7477

Martina Ayagalria, Energy Assistance Technician
Phone: (907) 543-7478

Keane Guest, Energy Assistance Clerk
Phone: (907) 543-7470

Martha Merculief, Energy Assistance Clerk
Phone: (907) 543-7473

William Brink, Weatherization
Phone: (907) 543-7476

James Sipary Jr., Program Compliance Officer
Phone: (907) 543-7475


Department Fax (907) 543-7479