Program Purpose

AVCP has entered into an agreement with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for the assumption of the Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) program. The principal reason for AVCP’s action was to assure that funds generated by the IRR program through the application of the BIA’s funding distribution formula be used to build projects in the AVCP Region. The success of the AVCP Transportation Program is dependent upon leveraging funds from the IRR program with the much larger pot of funds available to the state. The Transportation Department purpose is to promote the economic development of villages through planning, designing, constructing and maintaining priority projects in the AVCP region.

Program Description

The AVCP Transportation Department is responsible for assisting Tribes that are compacted with AVCP in Indian Reservation Roads (IRR): 

  1. Developing long range transportation plans for member villages
  2. Developing a AVCP Region Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
  3. Developing and managing control schedules
  4. Developing and updating the BIA IRR inventory for the participating tribes
  5. Addressing right of way, survey, environmental, permitting and other issues
  6. Planning and designing projects to address transportation and roads needs
  7. Providing for construction of projects to standard- either through force accounting or contracting with for-profit construction contractors
  8. Managing the funds and reporting associated with all of the above


  1. We will continue to update inventory on an as needed basis by contacting Tribal Councils to see if they can get quorums together to pass resolutions.
  2. We are in position to move forward, we are anticipating at least 3 construction projects this next spring/summer and there are currently 5 projects in the planning and designing stages.  Our outlook is to continue the planning and design of approximately 5 projects per year; at this rate we should consistently have at least 2 construction projects per year.
  3. Expand our department adding an inventory specialist that will rate existing routes, add routes, etc. in attempt to gain additional funding, adding a planner that will assist in the planning process including environmental, land issues, MOU’s, etc., and possibly adding an additional member that has experience in the accounting field to help monitor reporting requirements, budgeting, etc.  We are considering offering an internship to one of the engineering students in our university system (ANSEP) to help with the surveying and design of projects.
  4. For communities that still do not have Long Range Plans, we will work with the communities to start scheduling planning meetings.
  5. We will also need to visit the surrounding communities to discuss the planning efforts so that we can establish inventory boundaries, which is what we are missing for the communities we are working on now.

Program Accomplishments

AVCP Tribal Transportation along with services of Rodney P. Kinney and Associates, INC. has accomplished the following:

1. Long range transportation plans (LRTP’s) were completed for tribes compacted with AVCP; copies of the plans were distributed to each tribe.

2. Scoping reports for all compacted villages.

3. AVCP Transportation has submitted and added numerous miles of facilities and proposed facilities to the tribes IRR inventory.

4. AVCP Transportation’s IRR Program Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) (2009-2011) was submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Alaska Region office in Juneau.

5. AVCP Transportation submitted and was awarded the following high priority projects and we have appealed two other projects (Nunam Iqua and Oscarville Access):

a. Kongiganak (Planning)
b. Chevak (Planning)
c. Eek (Planning)
d. Tuntutuliak (Construction)

6. Construction projects in Tuntutuliak and Nunam Iqua are scheduled to commence in early spring. Additionally, construction in Pilot Station is tentatively planned for spring or early summer as well.

7. Village projects awarded with planning and design: work will start this immediately, will consist of surveying, public meetings, etc.

8. We are proud to partner with the Denali Commission and have been awarded funding for the following projects:

a. Regional roads planning and reconnaissance (Planning)
b. Oscarville to Bethel Access (Planning)
c. Pilot Station Road Rehabilitation (Planning and Construction)
d. Nunam Iqua boardwalk (Construction)
e. Atmautluak Floating Dock (Planning and purchase)
f. Kongiganak Barge Landing (Planning)


Tribal Transportation

Transportation Department

Tribal Transportation Director
Clarence Daniel
(907) 543-7461

Administrative Assistant
Marvella Brink
(907) 543-7462

Budget Analyst
Moses Whitman Jr.
(907) 543-7463