Tribal Justice Center

“A number of strong arguments can be made that [Alaska fee] land may be taken into trust and treated as Indian country’’ and ‘‘[n]othing inANCSA expressly barred the treatment of former [Alaska] reservation and other Tribal fee lands as Indian country.” – Indian Law and Order Commission, ‘‘A Roadmap For Making Native America Safer: Report to the President and Congress of the United States,’’ at 33–61 (November 2013).


Mission Statement:

The mission of the AVCP Tribal Justice Center is to implement and educate tribes on tribal justice systems within the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region.


Program Purpose:

The purpose of AVCP Tribal Justice Center is to provide technical assistance for planning, enhancing, and implementing tribal courts in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region. This program is recommended to tribes that are interested in establishing tribal courts, enhancing existing tribal courts and re-establishing tribal courts within their tribal governments.


Program Description:

This program is designed to assist tribal courts for the 56 tribes and established villages that are served by AVCP. AVCP Tribal Justice Center will provide training opportunities, tribal court establishment technical assistance – including but not limited to: code development, creation of court staff responsibilities, drafting and collecting model tribal court orders, and research for AVCP member tribes.


“The Department [of Interior] has carefully reexamined the legal basis for the Secretary’s discretionary authority. In particular, we have reviewed the statutory text of ANCSA and other Federal laws and have concluded that this authority was never extinguished.” – Bureau of Indian Affairs, December 2014.



Lucinda Alexie, Director



Denise Nerby, Coordinator



Sinea Williams, Tribal Courts Dev. Coordinator