To promote self-sufficiency in all aspects of local government management and administration of Village Tribal Operations respectively through the AVCP Compact.

Program Goals and Objectives:
Tribal Services Department (TSD) provides support, technical assistance and training in the areas of Tribal Operations, with the objective of strengthening and improving the member Tribes ability to exist, function, exercise the right to Self-Government, and work towards self-sufficiency through the provisions of the PL 93-638.

Program Scope:
Tribal Operations provide support to member Tribes through compacting resolutions that authorizes AVCP to negotiate and enter into an annual funding agreement (AFA) for Aid to Tribal Government (ATG) program funding, and other non-compacting programs on their behalf.  TSD:

  1. Provides financial management and reporting support for ATG funds and offers tools to strengthen Tribes’ Self-Determination and help build local capacity to guide and manage their own destiny.
  2. Conducts or coordinates training and technical assistance as requested for tribal operations in the areas of reviewing and amending constitutions and by-laws, preparing and adopting ordinances, holding tribal elections, tribal enrollment, conducting meetings and tribal authority.  Other areas of focus include training and capacity building to help tribal councils and staff to successfully perform their respective roles, such as budget preparation, effective accounting records, procurement practices, and property management.
  3. Maintains close working relationships with tribal councils and leaders, to keep abreast of their opinions on matters of importance, and to inform them of upcoming opportunities or legislation of interest, policies and their impact on Tribes and tribal membership.
  4. Assists Administration with conventions, and issues enrollment cards for requesting compacting Tribes.

Tribal Operations: (Aid to Tribal Governments)
Tribal Operations assists compacting Tribes to develop their capacity to function as Tribal governments. Tribal Operations coordinates technical assistance to conduct elections; review and amend constitutions and by-laws; prepare and adopt ordinances; and find additional resources to upgrade their administrative capability. Tribal Operations also monitors ATG budgets, and works with advances and reimbursement of ATG allocations.   Training is also available to help Tribal council members and staff to successfully perform their respective duties.  Services also include issuing enrollment cards, access to First Class email system, computer assistance and maintenance, and referral to AVCP’s in-house Tribal Rights Advocate who addresses legal issues, and Credit and Finance functions.  AVCP’s indirect cost pool also funds a portion of base wages for Tribal Administrators of Compacting Tribes.  Tribes whose employees are paid through AVCP may participate in AVCP’s health and life insurance benefits as well as the AVCP retirement plan.

Tribal Operations Activities
Day-to-day operations include; receiving financial reports for reimbursements, process AVCP Member Village requests, issuing Tribal Identification Cards, convey and pass-through must know information from outside agencies, i.e., upcoming opportunities or legislation of interest, policies and their impact on Tribes and Tribal membership.

Compacting Member Villages 
Federally recognized AVCP member Tribes who provided an authorizing compact resolution to AVCP for FY2008 ATG (Aid to Tribal Governments) programs include:





Bill Moore’s Slough



Nunam Iqua





Hooper bay

Pilot Station

Kalskag, Lower

Red Devil

Kalskag, Upper

Scammon Bay


Stony River



Limited Programs






Pitka’s Point

Goodnews Bay



Russian Mission








Doris Mute, Tribal Services Director

email: Dmute@avcp.org
Phone (907) 543-7381

Charlene Wuya, Assistant Director
email: CWuya@avcp.org
Phone (907) 543-7382

Virginia Charlie, Division Secretary
email: VCharlie@avcp.org
Phone (907) 543-7383

Angie Whitman, Tribal Operations Specialist  
email: awhitman@avcp.org
Phone (907) 543-7384

Crystal Samuelson, Tribal Compliance Support Specialist
email: CSamuelson@avcp.org
Phone (907) 543-7385

Department Fax: (907) 543-7379