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Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

Irma Goodwine, Director

Program Purpose:

AVCP Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program is designed to assist people with mental or physical disabilities in returning to the workforce, maintaining employment or actively participating in subsistence activities.

Program Description:

AVCP VR Program is funded by a five-year grant (2015-2020) through the Department of Education, with fiscal years running from Sept. 30th through Oct. 1st. This program is operating on its second year.

Eligibility Requirements:

An individual must have a documented mental or physical disability, barriers to obtaining employment due to their disability, be willing to work, be a tribal member and reside in the AVCP region.

Application Process:

  • Fill out a complete application
  • Furnish copies of their disability and tribal ID’s
  • Completes Initial Intake Interview, scheduled by the VR coordinator, in order to gather information to develop the applicants individualized personal profile
  • The VR coordinator and director determine eligibility
  • The VR coordinator schedules a meeting to assist the qualified individual to complete their Individual Plan for Employment (IPE)

All plans must have an employment goal in order to benefit from our program.

Contact Information:

Vocational Rehabilitation Department 907-543-7450