Date: October 6-7, 2014

Time: 8:30AM-5:00PM

Place: Hard Rock Hotel – Catoosa, OK (Tulsa area).  Owned by the Cherokee Nation of OK


The purpose of this training is to introduce grantees and other attendees to the various peacemaking models that are being used in tribal courts, including those that are being used as alternatives to detention. The goal of this training is to explore the ways in which tribal courts integrate traditional justice and community values into varied aspects of tribal civil and criminal justice, to provide experiential training and tips for accessing tribal judicial systems that utilize cultural forms of justice, and to provide explanation of how traditional peacemaking can unlock new approaches to provide effective representation of civil and criminal legal services clients, with special attention to indigent criminal defendants whenever appropriate.


The Training is free, but the participants must cover the cost of their travel, food, and lodging. BJA Grantees of Tribal Civil and Criminal Legal Assistance Programs, may use grant funds to support travel costs.



If you chose to make travel arrangements prior to approval, please ensure that all arrangements are refundable in case of event cancellation



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