SUMMARY: Responsible for all kitchen management according to the State, CACFP and Head Start Performance Standards regulations and guidelines.


  • Orders food and kitchen supplies.
  • Maintains proper storage of all food, label and date food, when received. All food opened and stored in the refrigerator must be re-dated and labeled.
  • Prepares and serves snacks and meals following the CACFP guidelines.
  • Trains kitchen substitute(s) and volunteers.
  • Keeps proper records, including: purchases; inventory; meal counts, etc.
  • Monitor food allergies/dietary conditions of children and prepare food accordingly.
  • Maintain proper appearance and hygiene.
  • Maintains a safe and healthy environment according with guidelines.
  • Plans and participates in nutrition, health and safety learning activities within the classroom curriculum: eating with children at meals; including children in assisting with participation such as table setting and clean-up; classroom participation in introducing new foods to children and other food-related learning experiences.
  • Providing health, safety or nutrition activities in the classroom twice a week.
  • Attends mandatory Cooks training at Pre-service or on site.
  • Wash and sanitize utensils and dishes thoroughly, assist with classroom clean up.

QUALIFICATIONS: The individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  Ability to perform basic math. This position requires a thorough understanding of the culture and the needs of the Tribes of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region.  Strong written, oral, organizational and analytical skills are required.  Bilingual Yup’ik/English preferred with expertise in cross-cultural communication. Per Headstart regulations, must be at least nineteen (19) years of age. Must pass a Physical Examination, TB test and criminal background check. Native Hire Preference.  Must be obtain a food handlers card before preparing meals.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High School graduate or GED required. Experience is required in food preparation, serving, menu planning, ordering supplies and use of food scales and thermometers.  Ability to fill out required paperwork using basic math skills. Experience required in working with young children. Must be able to attend training and workshops as required.  Past or present Headstart parent is advised.


This position is Class 7 and has a Salary Range of:  $31,632.81 – $49,201.18

Job Posting Expiration Date: September 30, 2023

We hope to have this position filled by date listed above, if no qualified applicant is hired, we may advertise an additional 30 days.