Summary: The CFSS I is an entry level position that serves as the Indian Child Welfare Act and Child Welfare representative for the local Tribe or IRA. This position is responsible for supporting and working closely with the AVCP ICWA team, Tribes, and families involved in the State or Tribal Child Welfare system. The CFSS I will work closely with ICWA Advocates and Tribal attorneys to represent the position of the local Tribal Council in court proceedings involving all Child in Need of Aid (CINA) cases. This position is subject to Native Preference per P.L. 93-638.
Performance Responsibilities: Include the following with other duties that may be assigned.

• Actively participate in OCS case or safety planning meetings, administrative reviews, and team decision making meetings to ask questions, make recommendations, and provide input that reflects cultural values, the Tribe’s position, and local/regional knowledge that otherwise might not be considered by non-local OCS case managers or other service providers.
• Actively participate in conducting home visits and investigations with OCS as often as possible for reports of harm, CINA cases, and in-home cases. Act as a liaison between OCS, Advocate, and the family to assist in communication efforts between all parties involved.
• Maintain open communication with families who have an open CINA or In-Home case, to 1) provide and/or coordinate referrals for services, 2) provide on-going overall support to the parents and children, and 3) identify needs and help advocate for family needs to ensure successful completion of case plan.
Case Management
• Work in partnership with the Advocates and/or Tribal Legal Attorney to prepare all required court documents for intervention and case management.
• Share case related information in a timely and ongoing manner, to the Tribal Council or Council ICWA Representative to 1) receive direction on intervention at the beginning of a case, 2) receive ongoing direction for the Tribe’s position on the status of custody, placement, and permanency of Tribal children.
• Monitor family progress and assist the families in meeting their case plan requirements/goals.
Foster Home Recruitment
• Provide information to the community about the need for Native Foster Homes by, creating informational flyers to hang in the public places, talking to people who would make ideal foster parents, acting as a liaison between OCS licensing and interested individuals.
• Assist interested families in completing the application and/or waiver process.
• Maintain an updated list of families interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents and make list available to both AVCP ICWA office and the Office of Children’s Services (OCS) and assist with all recruitment efforts for Native foster and adoptive homes.
• Plan and coordinate prevention activities that help parents and youth engage in healthy ways and encourage community wellness.
• Partner with or participate in other local organizational activities such as job fairs, festivals, etc. to stay engaged with the community.
• Be a positive community role model.

The position requires the ability to carry out the noted essential job duties as outlined above. Reasonable accommodations
may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the Community Family Services
Specialist I (CFSS I).

High School diploma or GED.

• Must reside in the compacted village in which they are applying.
• Must be willing to work flexible hours and travel as needed.
• Per Public Law 101-630 (Indian Child Protection & Family Violence Prevention Act) anyone applying for this
position must submit to a Character Background Investigation, fingerprint process, and complete a Compliance

• Case management and interviewing.
• Assessing needs and resources for families.
• Ability to work in a cross-cultural environment.
• Effective written and verbal communication skills.
• Fluency in Yup’ik or Cup’ik is preferred.
• Familiarity with Yup’ik lifestyles and the AVCP region is preferred.
• Treats people with respect.
• Exhibits sound and accurate judgment.
• Includes appropriate people in decision-making process.


This position is a Grade 4 and has a Salary Range of:  $46,318 – $60,161

Job Posting Expiration Date: September 30, 2023

We hope to have this position filled by date listed above, if no qualified applicant is hired we may advertise an additional 30 days.