SUMMARY: Conducts an effective comprehensive Home-Based Program following the Federal Head Start Performance Standards.  The Lead Home Visitor through home visits and group socials provides child development, social, health and parent involvement services to families and children.



  • Involves parents in educational activities to enhance their role as the primary educator through weekly home visits and socialization activities. Emphasizes the home as the primary learning environment.
  • Plan for and facilitated parent-child interactions thru group socials.
  • Advises appropriate content area management of health, nutrition, mental health, social services, disabilities and educational concerns as needed. Uses a team approach with parents to develop activities to meet their children’s needs and in create goals to meet their needs.
  • Responsible for record-keeping, collecting data, preparing reports, maintaining children’s files, updating information regularly and submitting information to the Central Office in a timely manner.
  • Report cancelled home visits to the Home Base Coordinator every Friday. Assists families in creating a plan to improve participation in home visits.
  • Encourages families to assume responsibility for their children’s required health screening and maintaining accurate health records.
  • Participates in scheduled training.
  • Responsible for knowing Headstart guidelines and regulations, operational Policies and Procedures, and Home Visit manuals.
  • Have staff meetings to prepare socialization activities, order supplies, plan monthly parent training and/or parent activities, and discuss progress and problems of the program. Proactive training is expected.
  • Provide day-to-day supervision of Home Visits to ensure that they meet the program goals and objectives.
  • Does written observations after each home visit and group socialization activity.
  • Conduct 32 home visits per child and 16 group socials per calender year.
  • Involve parents in weekly home visit plans and bi-monthly group social plans
  • Home visits are too conducted at the child’s home with the parent leading the activity.
  • Develop Family Partnership Agreements with each family and support families in achieving their goals.
  • Maintain confidentiality of families/children information and records in accordance with AVCP Head Start confidentially Policy
  • Other duties as assigned


QUALIFICATIONS:  bi-lingual Yupik/English preferred. Must pass a Physical Examination, TB test and criminal background check. Past or present Head Start Parent preferred. Must be 19 years or older. Native hire preference.


EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: High School graduate or GED required.  Two (2) year’s experience working in Early Childhood.

CERTIFICATION:  Preferred qualification of CDA for home based programs. Must obtain a CDA or State Certification within three (3) years of the date of hire.


This position is a Class 20 and has a Salary Range of:  $39,906.00 – $62,705.95

Job Posting Expiration Date: May 31, 2023

We hope to have this position filled by date listed above, if no qualified applicant is hired, we may advertise an additional 30 days.