TI•WA•HE  | dee – wah – hay |

Tiwahe is a Lakota word that refers to “family” or those living together in one home or dwelling. As a Tiwahe demonstration site, AVCP has incorporated the Tiwahe model which takes a comprehensive and culturally appropriate approach to metrics that measure the impact of our services on our families and communities.
Currently, there are six Tiwahe demonstration sites in the United States. AVCP is the only site in Alaska. The other sites include: Red Lake Nation, Fort Belknap Reservation, Spirit Lake Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, and Pascua Yaqui Tribe.

Thanks to the Tiwahe Initiative AVCP was able to envision and create the Family Service Center and Tribal Resource Center. This new service delivery model improves access to family and social service programs in the AVCP region. In August 2015, the AVCP Executive Board passed a resolution in support of participation and an organizational commitment to Tiwahe.

Our Tiwahe vision:

We have restructured our programs into two distinct service models. Services provided to tribal members and their families, and services provided to tribes.


Education, Employment, Training & Child Care, Head Start, ICWA, TANF, Social Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Youth Services, Healthy Families


Cultural & Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources, Tribal Services, Realty, Village Public Safety Officer, Housing Improvement Program, Transportation, Tribal Justice

AVCP has been designated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as an official Tiwahe site.

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