The AVCP Tribal Services department is dedicated to assisting tribes in developing their operational capacity and ability to function as thriving sovereign governments. This support increases self-determination and tribes are able to design, establish, and administer programs, services, and activities that are in the best interest of their own tribal members.

Through the Aid to Tribal Government (ATG) Program, Tribal Services:

Coordinates technical assistance to conduct elections; review and amend constitutions and by-laws; prepare and adopt ordinances.

Monitors ATG budgets and provides advances and reimbursement of ATG allocations.

Offers training to help council members and staff successfully perform their respective duties.

Offers training to help council members and staff successfully perform their respective duties.

Tribes choosing to compact their tribal government program with AVCP are eligible for additional funding and services. These AVCP provided benefits support tribes in strengthening their workforce by providing:

  • Wages through AVCP for the tribal government’s tribal administrator, bookkeeper, and administrative assistant or clerk.
  • Eligibility for employees to participate in AVCP’s health insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans.
  • In partnership with the University of Alaska Fairbanks-Kuskokwim University Campus, offers free access to training.
“In the Tribal Services Department, we’re all Native. We’re from here—from the small villages in our region and have the best interest of our tribes in mind.
We’re here to promote our tribes and help our people.
We want to serve you, your village, your tribe.”


Frequently Asked Questions

A:  Tribes, as sovereign nations with inherent authority to govern and protect the welfare of their citizens, have a unique relationship with the federal government. Government-to-government agreements are known as compacts. When a Tribe elects to compact programs with AVCP, AVCP receives funding on behalf of the Tribe and then has the obligation to provide services on their behalf.

A:  The Tribal Government which consists of an elected tribal council of 3 to 7 members and oversees the tribe’s administrator or executive director and is responsible for the decision-making and structure of the tribal government.

A:  Tribes who wish to compact with AVCP must be federally recognized. Tribal members must vote on and approve a resolution to compact some or all of their services with AVCP. This resolution can be submitted annually and there is a deadline.For ATG Compacted tribes to receive a yearly allocation and obtain access to funding, AVCP requires a signed memorandum of agreement, budget resolutions, expense reports, and financial policies or statement.

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