Education has value in itself,
but it can also lead to opportunities.
We are here to help with the costs.

The AVCP Workforce Development Division was established to help with funding for college, trainings, and adult basic education. Funding programs include:
Higher Education and Vocational Training scholarships are available for eligible tribal members who are attending, or planning to attend, an accredited college, university or training program. The Tribal Workforce Development program will provide need-based funding to eligible students.

Higher Education
Scholarship Eligibility:

Enrolled member of an AVCP compact tribe

Non-compact tribal member who is 24-years-old or younger and meets income eligibility requirements

TANF Cash Assistance Clients

Students must demonstrate a financial need as determined by the financial aid office of their school.

Training can help expand on specific skills so you can take be ready to take advantage of opportunities and help with specific projects, coming up in your community.

Vocational Training
Scholarship Eligibility:

Enrolled member of a tribe in the AVCP service area

High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)

Unemployed, Underemployed or Low Income

Complete an Adult Basic Education Test (available through our AVCP Job Centers)

Adult Basic Education provides funding for tribal members to obtain their General Education Diploma (GED) through Yuut Elitnaurviat’s Adult Basic Education Program.

Our Tribal Job Centers are available to provide internet access and a space to study for the test. When you visit one of our Tribal Job Centers  ask our Workforce and Benefits Navigators about employment opportunities or projects coming up in your area!

Call us today to find out which scholarships you are eligible for and the best times to apply!

“I am forever grateful for AVCP funding part of my education, without their help and investment, I would not have been able to graduate without debt. I hope that AVCP and other organizations see that investing in the future is of great importance.”
– Carlton Hautala, Kwethluk

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes. Participants do not need to live in the AVCP service area to qualify for higher education scholarships. However, they do need to live in the AVCP service area for training scholarships.

A:  There are some exceptions to the accreditation requirement. Please contact us for more information.

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