Transportation in rural Alaska is different than any where else in the country.

Our region is unique in that none of our 48 communities are connected to the road system. In the Lower 48, transportation needs focus on building or renovating large bridges or highways that support automobiles. In our region, primary modes of transportation include boats, snow machines, ATVs, and small aircraft. While our transportation projects are smaller in scale, they are often more complex and require innovative solutions that come from within our region.
Through the federal Tribal Transportation Program (formerly known as the Indian Reservation Roads Program), AVCP builds infrastructure, provides regular maintenance, and promotes economic development through regional transportation projects.
  • Increasing public safety through faster access for officials and community members;
  • Improving wellness with better routes to schools, places of employment, community stores, and airports;
  • Protecting wildlife, access to subsistence, and the tundra;
  • Helping bring roadways to communities affected by climate change erosion;
  • Keeping money in the region by providing employment opportunities for local residents; and
  • Working closely with tribes to establishes a Long-Range Transportation plan for each compacted tribe.
The 2022 Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan is available for review and comment.
  • Please contact CDD/TTP Coordinator Eric Evon at 907-543-7464 for review of the Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan and for any questions. Quyana!

We welcome member tribes in helping to strengthen regional transportation by joining our consortium.

By pooling tribal resources, we are able to leverage our buying power to complete larger and more affordable projects, that have a greater impact on our communities.


  • Constructing a road in Napaskiak to the homes of community members that had never had a road before and were losing access to the village due to increased erosion on the riverbank.
  • Designing and building a board-road in Hamilton made to withstand the weight of an ATV carrying a heavy load, while preserving the tundra under it. This board-road was built in 2018 and completed in 2019, to provide access to a historic gravesite.
  • Addressing ongoing maintenance by changing handrails and replacing damaged boards.
“Our goal is to develop a practical link between the Yukon and Kuskokwim River systems that will enhance connectivity among communities in the region. The proposed corridor will allow for travel, trade, and access to public facilities and other modes of transportation within the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: All jobs with AVCP are listed on our website.  Click here to apply or view all current employment opportunities.

A:  To join the consortium of Transportation, Tribes must provide AVCP with a resolution. For details, please contact the Transportation Department at (907) 543-7460.

A:  AVCP welcomes all community members to be involved in the planning process. Prior to the start of any projects, AVCP will conduct public meetings for both the planning and environmental process. Community residents are welcome to provide their input during these meetings.

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