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Tribal Office Directory

TribeFederally Recognized Tribe NameDoing Business AsPhone NumberFax NumberMailing AddressCityStateZip
AkiachakAkiachak Native CommunityAkiachak Native Community(907) 825-4626(907) 825-4029PO Box 51070AkiachakAK99551-0070
AkiakAkiak Native CommunityAkiak IRA Council(907) 765-7112(907) 765-7514PO Box 52127AkiakAK99552
AlakanukVillage of AlakanukAlakanuk Traditional Council(907) 238-3419(907) 238-3429PO Box 149AlakanukAK99554-0149
AlgaaciqAlgaaciq Native VillageAlgaaciq Native Community(907) 438-2932(907) 438-2227PO Box 48St. Mary'sAK99658
AndreafskiYupiit of AndreafskiYupiit of Andreafski(907) 438-2312(907) 438-2512PO Box 88St. Mary'sAK99658-0088
AniakVillage of AniakAniak Traditional Council(907) 675-4349(907) 675-4513PO Box 349AniakAK99557
(Mountain Village)
Asa'carsarmiut TribeAsa'carsarmiut Tribal Council(907) 591-2814(907) 591-2811PO Box 32249Mountain VillageAK99632
AtmautluakVillage of AtmautluakAtmautluak Traditional Council(907) 553-5610(907) 553-5612PO Box 6568AtmautluakAK99559
Bill Moore's SloughVillage of Bill Moore's SloughNative Village of Bill Moore's Slough(907) 899-4232(907) 899-4461PO Box 20288KotlikAK99620
ChefornakVillage of ChefornakChefornak Traditional Council(907) 867-8850(907) 867-8711PO Box 110ChefornakAK99561-0110
ChevakChevak Native VillageChevak Traditional Council(907) 858-7428(907) 858-7812PO Box 140ChevakAK99563-0140
ChuathbalukNative Village of ChuathbalukChuathbaluk Traditional Council(907) 467-4313(907) 467-4113PO Box CHUChuathbalukAK99557-8999
ChuloonawickChuloonawick Native VillageChuloonawick Native Village(907) 949-1345(907) 949-1346PO Box 245EmmonakAK99581-0245
Crooked CreekVillage of Crooked CreekCrooked Creek Traditional Council(907) 432-2200(907) 432-2201PO Box 69Crooked CreekAK99575
EekNative Village of EekNative Village of Eek(907) 536-5128(907) 536-5711PO Box 89EekAK99578-0089
EmmonakEmmonak VillageEmmonak Tribal Council(907) 949-1720(907) 949-1384PO Box 126EmmonakAK99581
GeorgetownNative Village of GeorgetownGeorgetown Tribal Council(907) 274-2195(907) 274-21965313 Arctic BoulevardAnchorageAK99518
Goodnews BayNative Village of Goodnews BayNative Village of Goodnews Bay(907) 967-8929(907) 967-8330PO Box 138Goodnews BayAK99589-0138
HamiltonNative Village of HamiltonHamilton Tribal Council(907) 899-2160(907) 899-4202PO Box 20248KotlikAK99620
Hooper BayNative Village of Hooper BayNative Village of Hooper Bay(907) 758-4915(907) 758-4066PO Box 69Hooper BayAK99604
(Russian Mission)
Iqugmiut Traditional CouncilIqugmiut Tribal Council(907) 584-5511(907) 584-5593PO Box 09Russian MissionAK99657
KasiglukKasigluk Traditional Elders CouncilKasigluk Traditional Council(907) 477-6405(907) 477-6212PO Box 19KasiglukAK99609-0019
KipnukNative Village of KipnukNative Village of Kipnuk(907) 896-5515(907) 896-5240PO Box 57KipnukAK99614
KongiganakNative Village of KongiganakKongiganak Traditional Council(907) 557-5226(907) 557-5224PO Box 5069KongiganakAK99545
KotlikVillage of KotlikVillage of Kotlik(907) 899-4326(907) 899-4790PO Box 20210KotlikAK99620
KwethlukOrganized Village of KwethlukOrganized Village of Kwethluk(907) 757-6714(907) 757-6328PO Box 130KwethlukAK99621-0130
KwigillingokNative Village of KwigillingokKwigillingok IRA Council(907) 588-8114(907) 588-5429PO Box 90KwigillingokAK99622
Lime VillageLime VillageLime Village Traditional Council(907) 526-5236(907) 526-5235PO Box 371SoldotnaAK99669
Lower KalskagVillage of Lower KalskagVillage of Lower Kalskag(907) 471-2300(907) 471-2378PO Box 27Lower KalskagAK99626
MarshallNative Village of MarshallNative Village of Marshall(907) 679-6302(907) 679-6187PO Box 110MarshallAK99585
MekoryukNative Village of MekoryukNative Village of Mekoryuk(907) 827-8828(907) 827-8133PO Box 66MekoryukAK99630
NapaimuteNative Village of NapaimuteNative Village of Napaimute(907) 543-2887PO Box 1301BethelAK99559
NapakiakNative Village of NapakiakNapakiak IRA Council(907) 589-2135(907) 589-2136PO Box 34069NapakiakAK99634
NapaskiakNative Village of NapaskiakNapaskiak Tribal Council(907) 737-7364(907) 737-7039PO Box 6009NapaskiakAK99559
Native Village of NightmuteNegtemiut Tribal Council(907) 647-6215(907) 647-6112PO Box 90021NightmuteAK99690
NewtokNewtok VillageNewtok Village Council(907) 237-2202(907) 237-2210PO Box 96NewtokAK99559
(Toksook Bay)
Nunakauyarmiut TribeNunakauyak Traditional Council(907) 427-7114(907) 427-7714PO Box 37048Toksook BayAK99637-7048
Nunam IquaNative Village of Nunam IquaNunam Iqua Traditional Council(907) 498-4184(907) 498-4185PO Box 27Nunam IquaAK99666-0027
NunapitchukNative Village of NunapitchukNunapitchuk IRA Council(907) 527-5705(907) 527-5711PO Box 130NunapitchukAK99641
OhogamiutVillage of OhogamiutOhogamiut Traditional Council(907) 679-6517(907) 679-6516PO Box 49MarshallAK99585
Orutsararmiut Traditional Native Council Orutsararmiut Native Council(907) 543-2608(907) 543-2639PO Box 927BethelAK99559
OscarvilleOscarville Traditional VillageOscarville Traditional Council(907) 737-7099(907) 737-7428PO Box 6129NapaskiakAK99559
PaimiutNative Village of PaimiutPaimiut Traditional Council(907) 561-0304(907) 561-0305PO Box 240084AnchorageAK99524
Pilot StationPilot Station Traditional VillagePilot Station Traditional Council(907) 549-3373(907) 549-3301PO Box 5119Pilot StationAK99650
Pitka's PointPitka's Point Traditional CouncilPitka's Point Traditional Council(907) 438-2833(907) 438-2569PO Box 127St. Mary'sAK99658
PlatinumPlatinum Traditional VillagePlatinum Traditional Village Council(907) 979-8220(907) 979-8178PO Box 8PlatinumAK99651
QuinhagakNative Village of KwinhagakNative Village of Kwinhagak(907) 556-8165(907) 556-8166PO Box 149QuinhagakAK99655
Red DevilVillage of Red DevilRed Devil Traditional Counciln/an/ac/o PO Box SRVStony RiverAK99557
Scammon BayNative Village of Scammon BayScammon Bay Traditional Council(907) 558-5425(907) 558-5134PO Box 110Scammon BayAK99662
SleetmuteVillage of SleetmuteSleetmute Traditional Council(907) 449-4269(907) 449-4265PO Box 109SleetmuteAK99668
Stony RiverVillage of Stony RiverStony River Traditional Council(907) 537-3258(907) 537-3254PO Box SRVStony RiverAK99557
TuluksakTuluksak Native CommunityTuluksak Native Community(907) 695-6420(907) 695-6932PO Box 95TuluksakAK99679-0095
TuntutuliakNative Village of TuntutuliakTuntutuliak Native Community(907) 256-2128(907) 256-2080PO Box 8086TuntutuliakAK99680
TununakNative Village of TununakNative Village of Tununak(907) 652-6527(907) 652-6011PO Box 77TununakAK99681
Umkumiut Native VillageUmkumiut Tribal Council(907) 647-6145(907) 647-6146PO Box 90062NightmuteAK99690
Upper KalskagVillage of KalskagNative Village of Kalskag(907) 471-2207(907) 471-2399PO Box 50KalskagAK99607

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