AVCP advances the vision of Elluarluteng Ilakutellriit; a whole health framework that illustrates traditional practices, values, and beliefs through the human lifecycle as told by Elders from around the region and the late Peter Jacobs.
With guidance and support from our Elders, the Healthy Families Program provides culturally appropriate services to the AVCP region that promote and support whole health through the sharing, teaching, and practice of our traditional values.

Healthy Families offers both workshops and community gatherings.

Workshops offer three-and-a-half-days with Elders and facilitators. Workshops are structured events in closed groups to ensure privacy.

Community gathering are open group discussions.

Both the workshops and community gatherings offer the following:

Facilitators who are available to work directly with tribes

Time with Elders

The ability for workshop hours to count toward required foster parent training hours and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) work activity hours.

Opportunities to attend regularly-scheduled session in Bethel and sessions in any community whose tribal council sends a letter of invitation. See our events calendar for upcoming sessions.

An opportunity for local agencies to introduce Yup’ik, Cup’ik, and Athabascan values to staff who are new to the region.


Qasgiq, is a culturally rich Yup’ik training model that guides how the Healthy Families team structure their workshops to meet the needs of their clients. Qasgiq was traditionally the structure that men lived in and where community gatherings were held. It was usually located in the center of each community and allowed space for traditional teachings, customs, beliefs, and foundations that govern the Yup’ik people in everyday life. The Healthy Family Qasgiq is a group of Elders from around the region, who have been selected by their tribal council to participate.

Inerquutet aturluki yuukumta utumaurluta yuuciqukut.
When we respect others and follow the traditional teachings, our lives will be in harmony.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Enrolled tribal members who live within the AVCP region are also welcomed to participate. Please note that Tribes do not have to be compacted with AVCP to receive services from Healthy Families. Healthy Families workshops count toward Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) required work activity hours.

A: Individuals who do not meet the eligibility guidelines under TANF or who are not an enrolled tribal member from within the AVCP service area can still attend a workshop by paying a $275 registration fee and making their own travel and lodging arrangements.

A: Each interested individual must complete and submit a registration form to the Healthy Families Department. Agencies should refer their clientele by completing and submitting a referral form (each individual still needs to complete and submit a registration form as well) via fax, mail, or e-mail.

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