AVCP is committed to providing programs and services that reinforce our cultural values.

This includes honoring our Elders and connecting youth to Elders.
Through the Older Americans Act Title VI and Nutrition Services Incentive Program, AVCP provides nutritious lunches to Elders while also giving Elders an opportunity to eat lunch with students in their schools.
Elders who are not able to visit the schools, get lunches delivered to their homes. In partnership with the Lower Kuskokwim and Yupiit School Districts and St. Mary’s School, AVCP provides approximately 26,000 meals per year.

AVCP provides approximately 26,000 meals per year. 

Elders who wish to participate in the program

Must be age 60 or older;

Reside in a participating school district or community.

Please note that this program is only available during the academic school year.


Frequently Asked Questions

A:  For communities to join the program, they must enter at the beginning of the three-year grant cycle. This requires a resolution through their tribal council, a MOA between the tribal council and AVCP, and a signed agreement with the school district to provide meals using their workforce and facilities.

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