Our Tribal Job Centers connect people with opportunities, and employers to a skilled workforce.

Through our regional network of 32 Tribal Job Centers, we connect people to jobs and jobs to people. 

Tribal Workforce Development:

Employment Assistance Program

Employment Assistance is provided to individuals who are starting new full-time, permanent employment. Individuals must have been unemployed for at least 7 days or is accepting employment with a higher wage. Eligible individuals can receive $2000.00 in assistance through the Employment Assistance Program.
Employment Assistance can be used towards 1st month’s rent, grocery/living expenses, utilities, transportation, and/or to purchase work-related clothing and tools.
Deadline:  At-least two weeks prior to 1st paycheck

Tribal Job Center

On-site support where you can get help from an AVCP Navigator, who will help you identify the opportunities you qualify for.

Free access to computers and the internet

Training opportunities to build on skills and meet the needs of a specific project in the region.

GED and drivers' permit testing support

We remain committed to the economic well-being of our region by serving as advocates for the local workforce development initiatives.
Employers seeking local applicants with specific skills, work with out Tribal Job Centers, so we can work with our partners to provide the training required to develop a local workforce for a specific project. 

Tribal Job Center Locations:

Please reach out to the Tribal Job Center nearest to you.

“Every time I needed something done, not only did you [Sylvia Nerby, Siant Mary TWD Specialist] help me finish but you also found other resources that applied to me,”
Ariana Paukan.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our team will work with you to connect you to appropriate resources that you may qualify for and to help get you trained or meet your educational goals.

A:  Even if your tribe is not compacted with ACVP, our team may be able to assist you. Please contact us at (907) 543-7440 or stop by your nearest Tribal Job Center to speak with and AVCP Navigator who will connect you with resources that you do qualify for.

A:  Yes. A team member will assist you with obtaining a Tribal ID or work with you to get documentation that proves you are a tribal member.

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