The Unknown Address List provided below is comprised of individuals that do not have a valid current address.


UPDATED: February 28, 2022

Last Name, First Name

• Aguchak, Michelle R.
• Andrew, Victoria A.
• Black, Kerri
• Camille, Joleane M.
• Changsak, Charlie
• Chief, Susan C.

• Demantle, Raylene I.B.
• Derendry, Annie
• Kameroff, Nancy
• Lake, Mary
• Leib, Garret R.
• Patrick, Olinga

• Pletnikoff, Agrafenia
• Queene, Mary M.
• Sakar, Caroline
• Serradell, Nicole L.
• Unin, Sue
• Waska, Marie
• Wassilie, Annie

How to update my address

Send an email to AVCP accounting at:
Call AVCP accounting at: 1 (907) 543-7326
“AVCP is here to promote our tribes and help our people. We want to serve you, your village, your tribe.”


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Individuals should keep their address up to date in order to received paychecks, vendor payments and clients that receive benefits from AVCP

Contact Information

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