Summary Job Goal:

Under the direction of the VPSO Coordinator, the VPSO will provide Police, Fire, Emergency Trauma Treatment, Water Safety, and Search and Rescue Coordination for assigned village in the AVCP Region. Additionally, the VPSO may also monitor Probation and Parole of assigned village.

Performance Responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement:
  1. Patrols and enforces curfews.
  2. Investigates misdemeanor crimes and completes written reports.
  3. Assists troopers during investigations of felonies.
  4. Completes all required reports on time.
  • Fire Protection
  1. Maintains fire equipment.
  2. Conducts fire drills at schools.
  3. Conducts fire department meetings.
  4. Works with the volunteer fire fighters in firefighting techniques.
  5. Conducts fire prevention surveys.
  • Search and Rescue
  1. Organizes a search and rescue team or acts as the liaison for the Department of Public Safety in the community.
  2. Works with the SAR team members.
  3. Maintains a list of available SAR equipment and supplies on hand.
  4. Coordinates SAR’s with the assistance of the Alaska State Troopers (AST).
  • General Public Safety
  1. Assists as a first responder in a disaster situation such as a flood, fire, or other event that threatens the safety of persons and/or property.
  2. Assists health aides in emergency situations.
  3. Provides public safety information to schools and the public.
  4. Provides dog control and vaccinations for rabies when trained to do so.
  5. Performs water and snow machine safety.
  • Probation/Parole Monitoring
  1. Documents personal contact with specified probationers and parolees at least twice per month, or as requested by the Supervisor of the District Probation Office for the Department of Corrections.
  • Maintain and protect privacy of confidential information.

VPSO – Pre-Certification

Until a VPSO has received her or his certification, duties will be limited to the following:

Duty Orientation:

  • Shadow VPSOs within the region as assigned.
  • Shadow VPSOs in State planes during prisoner transport.
  • Learn to write supplemental reports and complete them in a timely manner.

Search and Rescue:

  • Work with agencies in correspondence with Search and Rescue (SAR).
  • Maintain a list of available SAR equipment and supplies on hand.
  • Participate in SARs under the direction of the Alaska State Troopers (AST).

Training Preparation:

  • Study ALET Academy training material.
  • Study VPSO-DPS Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Complete on-line VPSO training modules.
  • Participate in Fire and EMS training and community events

General Safety:

  • Accompany and shadow VPSOs providing security during events in Bethel (as applicable).
  • Accompany and shadow VPSOs to provide public safety in schools (as applicable).


  • Maintain and protect privacy of confidential information.
  • Work with assigned village community in preparation for VPSO duty assignment.
  • Work closely with the governing body of assigned village community.
  • Develop a working relationship with the Oversight Trooper for assigned village community.

An uncertified VPSO WILL NOT:

  • Enforce laws and/or make arrests.
  • Carry any equipment or gear without required training.
  • Wear VPSO uniform.
  • Engage in any law enforcement activity that could conceivably result in a physical altercation.

VPSO – Float TDY Officer

  • Assists transportation of VPSOs.
  • Temporary Duty assignments within the AVCP Region as designated by the VPSO Director.
  • Completes prisoner transport as requested by AST.
  • Assists village-based VPSOs and other agencies.
  • Provides security when needed during special occasions in Bethel and at village based special occasions upon request.
  • Helps to coordinate SARs.
  • Works closely with AST Oversight Trooper.


  • Completion of DARE training and certification.

VPSO – Corporal

  • Has successfully completed all phases of the Rural Law Enforcement Training (RLET) and Rural Fire Protection Specialist course.
  • Has successfully completed the Field Training Evaluation Program (FTEP).
  • Has served as an active VPSO for one year excluding time taken for subsistence leave, leave without pay or suspensions.
  • Once certified, the VPSO is authorized to wear the corporal stripes and collar brass.

VPSO – Sergeant

  • Must have successfully completed the Methods of Instruction School (MOI), Drug Awareness Resistance Education (DARE) or Alaska Marine Safety Education Assistance (AMSEA) Instructor school and satisfactorily taught a minimum of two classes as a VPSO Certified Instructor at the DARE classes, RLET, VPSO regional training, and/or VPO Academy. The requirement for having satisfactorily taught a class will be met if an acceptable or higher average rating is received on student/instructor evaluations.
  • Must be willing to serve as a TAC Officer at the RLET or VPO Academy and assist in coordinating and instructing at the VPSO Regional Training.
  • Must have acceptable performance evaluations for three consecutive years prior to the application date.
  • Has successfully served for three years excluding the six month probation period in conjunction with initial hire and absences for subsistence leave, leave without pay or suspensions.
  • Once certified, the VPSO is authorized to wear the Sergeant stripes and collar brass.
  • Certifications:
  • Copy of the MOI, DARE or AMSEA certificate.
  • Letter of support from the VPSO Program Manager with concurrence of the Oversight Trooper approving the request.
  • Copies of training outline and student/instructor evaluations from two classes of instruction.

VPSO – First Sergeant (FTO – Field Training Officer)

  • Must currently be a VPSO Sergeant, should have served as such for at least two years and attended the Field Training Evaluation Program (FTEP) training by the VPSO Program Director or designee.
  • Must have successfully completed the FTEP training.
  • Must have acceptable performance evaluations for three consecutive years immediately prior to selection.
  • Must be willing to serve as a TAC Officer at the RLET or VPO Academy, assist in coordinating and instructing at the VPSO regional training, and serve as a Field Training Officer to newly hired or less experienced VPSOs.
  • Must be willing to accept supervisory responsibilities and duties as requested by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and by AVCP.
  • Must be willing to travel outside of traditional regional boundaries for the purpose of field training VPSO recruits and providing instruction at designated locations.
  • Must pursue APSC Instructor certification in 1 or more subjects.
  • Must provide community public safety instruction, including, but not limited to, fire training, boating, ATV and home safety, hunter education, search and rescue.
  • Certifications:
  • The VPSO Director shall submit a Letter of Promotion recommendation to the Statewide VPSO Training Coordinator for approval by the Statewide VPSO Program Manager.
  • Following completion, the First Sgt/FTO is authorized to wear the First Sgt. Stripes and collar brass.


Education and Qualifications:

High school diploma or GED is required.

Skilled in both written and verbal communication.

Fluency in Yup’ik preferred.

Must possess or obtain current Alaska driver’s license within 30 days of hire.

Computer Knowledge:

Required knowledge of basic methods and techniques for use of computer systems and specialized software. Working knowledge of Outlook, Intranet and Internet access is highly preferred.

Requirements – Physical and Character:

Must be of sound moral character, good mental and physical condition and meet the basic requirements of the 15 week ALET Training Academy. Must not have been convicted of a felony within the last 5 years, no misdemeanor convictions involving domestic violence in the last 10 years, and no use of a controlled substance within the last 12 months. Must have successfully passed the criminal and medical background checks and been cleared by AST prior to hire.

Must be 21 years of age at the time of the submitted application.


Strong interpersonal skills to work effectively within and outside of AVCP; exercises tact and diplomacy in working with other departments and agencies.


Strong adherence to corporate and departmental policies and procedures; maintains strict departmental and corporate confidentiality.


Demonstrated skills to effectively negotiate, mediate and make decisions; proven record of being detail oriented.


Reports to work timely and consistently. Must be willing to travel as needed for regular village travel.


This position is based off the VPSO salary and has a minimum of:  $60,040.50

Job Posting Expiration Date: September 30, 2023

We hope to have this position filled by date listed above, if no qualified applicant is hired we may advertise an additional 30 days.