May 18 – 20, 2020 starting at 1:00 p.m.

This training will include topics from all four parts of the AVCP Tribal Justice 2019 training schedule, and will be held and recorded telephonically.

During this four-part series training, we hope that all participants will develop a clear understanding of everything pertinent and relating to Tribal Courts in Alaska. The training is open for AVCP Member Tribal Court Judges, Clerks, Court Administrators and Tribal Council Members that act as Tribal Courts. This specific training will provide an overview of all 2019 training material and guide participants into the 2020 AVCP Tribal Court Training series. Participants who register will be sent materials, a call-in number and participant code via email prior to the training date to be able access the training.
This training is going to be recorded and will be available for future use and accessibility through the AVCP website.

REGISTRATION IS DUE BY May 15, 2020 AT 3:00 PM.  If this form is submitted after that date, participant call information may not be provided in time for the training.

For further information or for any questions or concerns please email us or call 907-543-8550.